This course is more or less like a lecture. It is important for me and for you to receive answers, to clear up the doubts and just to be clear on anything that happens to you and what will happen during the period of your pregnancy. What measures and what indicates the early/late/biochemical screening, fetal morphology, amniocentesis and at what stage of pregnancy all they can be done.
I will suggest options of how to cope with indisposition like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heart beating, cramps, swelling of fingers and limbs, varicose veins, constipation, pains low in the abdomen, etc.
You will find out what food you have to avoid and what variety of colours and products you have to put on your table and why. It is not less important the water you drink. We will talk about it, too. Natural remedies to fight anemia.

              And some more topics:

Physiological changes in the body

Pregnancy psychology

Routine check-ups within the program “Mother Health Care”‘ as well as additional examinations and tests

What the healthier way of life includes and relationships hygiene

Caring for teeth and oral cavity hygiene of the mother and why it is so important for the fetus

Inter-womb development of the baby

Vitamins and pregnancy

Physical activity – what kind of sport to choose

Aromatherapy and pregnancy – how to prepare by yourself an effective magic drink against stretch marks

Personal training- (with your partner), one family

Course duration – 1.5 hours /90 minutes/
When – Tuesday and Thursday from 18.00; Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 and 18.00

Where – Sofia Manastirski livadi quarter, bul. Bulgaria 102 Bellisimo

Booking – with pre-registration only. Phone number: 0887 293 303

Author and coach– Aneliya Stoycheva midwife
Price 40 BGN*, per family

*There is a possibility for Saturday-Sunday course

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