All the way of long expectation and preparation to meet with your baby has been already passed. It is on your warm and caring body. You are learning how to be a mother and how to build up a harmonious partnership with your baby. You are full of new feelings, emotions and responsibilities. It is very important for this new beginning to stay calm, patient and positive. It will be good if you are well informed in advance about your baby, about his capabilities and needs. Any newborn has its individuality, character and speed of development that differentiates it from all other people. You have to accept this, to take it into account and to love him/her for who he/she is. There are no universal rules! Try to trust your intuition more often and to listen to the opinion of the father. The hug, mother’s touch, speaking, communication with daddy are not less important for baby’s development than feeding. Except theoretical knowledge, I will show you here at the School and help you train in person the most important practices and methods for the newborn care by the help of a training doll.

Here are the topics on which we will work together:

    • First contact with the baby ‘skin-to-skin’ – the best beginning
    • Period of adaptation – physiological acts that will go away fast and for which you should not worry
    • Bathing your baby, toilet, belly button care, eyes and the pampers area
    • Feeding and weight gain rates
    • Massage – when and how to begin; fitness child care procedures
    • Tips for the good baby sleep
    • Baby colic – natural ways to help
    • Communication with the baby
    • Emergency situations with the newborn baby

Personal training-(with your partner), one family

Course duration – 2.5 hours /150 minutes/
When – Weekdays: at a time convenient for you

           -Weekend: Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 and 18.00

Where – Sofia Manastirski livadi quarter, bul. Bulgaria 102 Bellisimo

Booking –  with pre-registration only. Phone number: 0887 293 303

Author and coach– Aneliya Stoycheva midwife
Price 90 BGN*, per family

* Exclusive offer – 30% discount if you attend the “Breastfeeding” course as well

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