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Hello dear future moms and dads!

My name is Anelia Stoycheva –a midwife by profession and at heart, an instructor on pre-delivery preparation, founder, author and lecturer at the School for Parents “Mission Mama”.

A turning point for becoming a midwife was my delivery and childbirth 20 years ago during which and afterwards during the breastfeeding and baby care I faced many concerns, uncertainties and anxious days and nights. If there has been someone to prepare me for this wonderful event in my life, it would have saved me from these completely unnecessary negative emotions.

And then I decided that I wanted to be this “Someone” and since then up to nowadays I never ceased to be interested in the care for future mothers. It has become my great inspiration. I graduated from the Medical College “Yordanka Filaretova”in Sofia, Midwifery Program. I have worked for many years at the Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital “Sheynovo” in Sofia and I have assisted in the delivery of so many healthy babies, gained a valuable experience through my work and in the departments “Pathological Pregnancy”, “Neonatology”, “Women’s Consultation”, “Maternity”, etc. Once again, I was convinced in the fact that the preliminary preparation of woman is very important. If we expect that there, at that moment in the delivery room, she has to learn what is required of her, then we are already too late.

After that, my work at the Medical Center “Phoenix 87” opened new horizons for my development as a midwife.

I have founded my first “School for Future Parents” there, I have made an observation on pregnant women at the women’s consultation and actively participated in all obstetrics and gynecological procedures, examinations and surveys. I was a lecturer in a first aid course aid in numerous life-threatening conditions.

I have completed a course in “Ayurveda, Pregnancy and Delivery” and “Main Principles and Specifications of the Schuessler therapy during pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and postpartum (postnatal) period” which I successfully apply, if necessary, and for prophylaxis of adults and babies.

I have learned from many valuable practices for the labour and delivery process and for the woman in childbirth from the famous names in midwifery, like Mary Swartz (The Netherlands), Lina Clerk (United Kingdom), Uva Mainer (Costa Rica) – all of them are midwives – practitioners with international recognition.

I am proud of winning the trust of many mothers and now I am here to give all my attention, care, knowledge and experience as midwife to you.

We, together, will help our body return its natural properties, from the ecological and balanced nutrition to the harmonious functioning of all structures and organs for a wonderful delivery and childbirth. When you get to know yourself well, in a difficult and physically exhausting time as the delivery process is, you will be able to help yourself. The way it will pass depends mostly on you!

The delivery (or childbirth) is the Great Sacrament from which you should not fear. Let it become your day of celebration and let the motherhood bring you joy and delight!


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