Gymnastics that I am coaching is not only physical activity and occupation targeted with which you approach to natural childbirth step by step. Imagine the road to birth as a marathon to go. My goal is finally to be so prepared that even if you do not need the course ”I want to give birth naturally ”. Most things we will have said, exercised and affirmed even here. To do this, exercise is good to become an integral part of your everyday life. Once a week to dance in the room, and everyday for 5 minutes a day, plus a foot massage /evening in front of the TV/ will be enough to feel tight, confident, beautiful and without edema.
What we do in the gym – we start with breathing, self-massage of the feet, legs and arms, exercises for flexible back, balance and coordination, exercises to increase blood flow and enlargement of pelvic bones, exercises for clamping the chest muscles and work with all other parts on the body. I explain in detail how each movement is performing and what exactly is achieved with it. We develop breathing and increase the capacity of lungs with each exercise. We finish with 15 minutes of relaxation in which to enjoy a relaxing and learn to communicate with babies, giving the best part of ourselves. And all of this against the backdrop of very nice music that further motivates you. For better relaxation comfort, we lie on pillows full of spelt.
Remember: Exercise should be performed before eating on fresh air or a well-ventilated room.

                                             Weekly Schedule

Coach of the complex: Anelia Stoycheva – midwife

Feel free to contact me at: 0887  293 303


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